Five Simple Steps to a Lean Lab


Step One: Lab Process Data Analysis

We analyze historical lab process data such as incoming workloads, testing output, resource loading and testing throughput time to truly understand your current lab operations.


Step Two: Process Mapping & Waste Elimination

We map out lab processes to make the invisible visible and help to identify wastes and non-value add activities in your lab processes.


Step Three: Lean Lab Solution Design

We work with you to build the most efficient Lean Lab solution. We focus on removing waste in your process, streamlining lab operations and optimizing lab resource scheduling.


Step Four: Digital Lean Laboratory Solution

We custom build your Lean Lab solution into our digital Lab Kanban platform for maximum productivity. Our platform provides end-to-end real-time visibility on lab operations and performance. Our Broadcast communication tool provides instantaneous communication inside and outside of the lab.


Step Five: Digital Lean Lab Support

We are committed to customer success and our convenient Broadcast tool can be used for technical support and Lean Lab questions.

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