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Our Mission

The idea for Lab Kanban came from recognizing the challenges labs face and their need to move to next generation digitized Lean Technology to improve efficiency and processes. It started with lab and process expert Melanie Watson, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Lab Kanban and was incubated and developed by Mahesh Rao MBA at Q2E. Given the complementary nature of their backgrounds, it was logical to combine their efforts to create a Digital Lean Laboratory software that helps labs to streamline their operations, and better capitalize on the opportunities for Lean in laboratories. It was designed for scientists by scientists using Q2E’s patented digital transformation and gamification platform.

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Digital Lean Transformations


Our Team

Melanie Watson Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Melanie has been helping labs and leading companies transform for many years, and her technical pharma expertise and process excellence credentials include a PhD in Neuroscience from Trinity College Dublin, Postdoc at UCLA and Dublin, Lean credentials and Six Sigma Blackbelt. Melanie oversees Lab Kanban’s operations including sales, marketing and Lean transformations.

Mahesh Rao MBA

Mahesh is an innovative Silicon Valley-based engineer and entrepreneur with 15 industry-shaping US and international patents who brings demonstrated technical expertise in AI-driven digital transformation platforms. Mahesh has significant experience deploying large scale SaaS solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Mahesh leads Lab Kanban’s business operations and product development with his team.

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