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We maximize the efficiency of Lab Operations

Our digital Lean Laboratory solution increases productivity, eliminates waste and reduces costs.

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Lab Kanban Software

Our fully integrated digital Lean lab software transforms lab operations by enabling you to increase resource efficiency, streamline processes, and make real-time, data-driven decisions. Because it’s a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, it’s cost effective

Efficient Resource Utilization

“Just-in-Time Testing”, virtual Kanban, assisted scheduling, visual schedule, KPIs, Gamification

Fully Integrated Digital Lean Lab Ecosystem

End-to-end visibility and real-time performance of Lab operations with instantaneous Broadcast Communication tool.

Embedded Capacity Calculator

Complex Lean calculations and simulations embedded in a digital platform to determine the optimum lab capacity to meet demand.

Real Results

Increased Productivity

Visibility on demand

Resource Planning and scheduling

Scalability of Standardized Processes


Lean process adherence

Lab Kanban Return on Investment

Process cost reduction Min Potential Savings Max Potential Savings
Efficient Lean Testing Process 5% 25%
Optimized Scheduling Process 5% 15%
Digital Visual Platform 5% 10%

Disclaimer: This is an estimate. Total potential savings may vary depending on lab, resources, installation, and current processes.

No. of Labs
No. of users
No. of tests
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What customers are saying

“In only three days, we have processed approximately 1.2 thousand samples over the course of 15 runs. That is an amazing accomplishment. Keep it up! This is the power of Kanban - it enables everyone (including our leaders) to see your efforts!”
Lab Project Manager
“Loving the website! Thanks again!”
Lab Tech
“When we get the automation, we will be even more efficient!”
“Thanks for all your help and allowing us to better understand how we gain efficiency within our labs and giving us some additional means to further improve our efficiencies”
QC Director
“Some very impressive data. We've gotten much better in terms of plate efficiency and cost effectiveness in our testing runs.”
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
“Thank you all for driving continuous improvement as we scale capacity!.”
Lab Director

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